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Israel Beit Shemesh
Dead Sea Tel Aviv
Eilat Modiin
Jerusalem Metula
Netanya Tiberias
Caesarea Safed

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The Tower of David Museum
Permanent Exhibition
The museum\'s permanent exhibition tells the 3,000 year long story of Jerusalem. Call 02-6265331.
Tower of David Museum website click here 

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The Atari Ruins - Adulam Park
One of the extraordinary things about Israel is that there is so much history just waiting to be discovered. The Atari Ruins in Adulam Park, right nearby Beit-Shemesh, is one of many ruins in the area. 
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Luzit Caves

The shfeila region is home to many caves and tunnels, since the limestone is this area is soft and easy to excavate. Among these caves are "bell caves" which are former quarries. The caves are a network of underground connected dome shapes caverns with a hole in the center at the surface level.
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Sataf – revival of ancient agriculture

Look carefully as you pass through the Judean Hills and you will notice man made terraces (very large steps…) on their slope. As you can see, the valley area is limited, so man improvised and created flat land for agriculture on the slopes of hills. 
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